Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love vintage textiles.  I especially like old tatting, lace and embroidery.  I usually look for inexpensive damaged goods that can be incorporated into mixed media.  I just picked up this hankie on e-bay.  I tried to learn tatting but I really didn't quite pick it up.  I admire those that can.  On this piece not only do I admire the tatting, I find the hem to be a bit unusual.

 I'm going to be traveling to Portland in Oregon this week.  I'll be there 10 days and I hope I will be able to do a little antique mall shopping.  I hear the temperature might go down to 59 degrees.  I sure hope so!  I haven't had a breath of cool air in months. I hope to post from there, but if not I'll be back in two weeks.  Hope you are having good weather in your corner of the world!

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