Monday, November 21, 2011

Craftsman Farms

While I was away in New Jersey I finally was able to visit Craftsman Farms in Morris Plains NJ.  Gustav Stickley lived there for part of his life and he had hoped to start a school there. It is the only house he designed and built for his own use.  This has been on my bucket list for at least the last decade.  I have always admired the artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement and while I wouldn't like a house totally devoted to the style I did manage to snag an original Roycraft side table/bookcase at an auction. I love old oak furniture and I admire the philosophy of a simpler life.  There are current artists that work in the style. Laura Wilder is one that comes to mind.  My blog header for fall was photographed at the farm.  It is well worth the visit.


  1. Doreen, This place looks absolutely heavenly!! Love your photography. Checked out Laura Wilder, great artist!!