Saturday, October 2, 2010

Creative Connections, Minnesota.

I was very fortunate to attend The Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis.  Besides learning valuable information on how the craft world operates, seeing some very original artwork, meeting some of the most amazing women, and being treated to many goodies and eye candy, I was able to participate in a couple of classes.  I thought I would shake things up a bit and take something I knew nothing about.  That would be The Folk-Art Portrait Painting by the delightful and talented Laurie Meseroll.  That is her dipping her brush in the paint with her attentive students around her.

And here was my work in progress.  I found I really enjoyed having a paint brush in my hand again!
I also enjoyed a little sight-seeing.  It took two days to do the Mall of America.  Junk Bonanza was fantastic!  And I was able to fit in some bird watching.

The most relaxing part of the trip was a side-trip to Duluth.  I wanted to see Lake Superior.  It was the prettiest blue that day.  I discovered a mansion on the lake and took a tour.  There was a mansion, a gardener's cottage, a boat house and carriage house.  Such a beautiful peaceful place on a mid-September afternoon.
Glennsheen  Mansion
Flowers in the Gardens


  1. Thank-you so much for the visit. I did not get to leave the show other than a couple of hours at Junkbonaza on the last day. I had an amazing experience at CC. Isn't life a blast?

  2. How lucky for you to be able to go to MN. And I'm proud of you for going to the Mall of America. My daughter went years ago and faded after 2 days!!! And she's a 'shopper'.

    Your class looked like it was interesting and there was a nice group there. Not too big, but enough to have a good cross-section of talents. Have you painted since?

    By the way, could you send me your address? I may be needing it for something in a bit! :)