Monday, March 22, 2010

Another lovely Sunday!

Yesterday we went for breakfast at a hotel on the beach.  It was surprisingly not that expensive.  We sat outside watching walkers, runners, bicyclists and the ocean.  There were sparrows chirping and a very bold female starling.  We watched her swoop down, grab a brown sugar packet from the container on the empty table next to us and settle on the back of the chair.  She carefully pecked the packet open and helped herself to the sweet morsels inside.  No one seemed to be bothered by it.  I applauded her resourcefulness.

 After breakfast we headed for the flea market at the Hollywood dog track.  Steve likes to buy produce there and I love to frequent the many vendors that are selling their antiques and other oddities.  This weekend there is a table surrounded by women picking through used clothing.  I take a look.  But there is nothing for me.  The next table is more promising.  There is a large mug that I think would be great for cleaning my watercolor brushes in.  Much prettier than the glass mayonnaise jar that I have been using. She also has interesting jewelry and some old linens. I settle on the mug and move on.  

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